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Thoughts from a site visit

I reviewed a site today to create a PM program for their HVAC systems, and I have to say that I was rather impressed with their systems.

They were using a ground source heat pump system with Honeywell controls, Yaskawa variable-frequency drives, McQuay water-source heat pumps, and two AAON units on the roof for fresh air and supplemental AC in the warmer months.

Although they haven’t received LEED certification yet, This building is still a long way from older less efficient systems. Another thing I noticed was the attention paid to safety in the installation of thier equipment. All of the equipment was accessible by catwalks and access doors, and you could tell that quality engineering went into the design of their building.

I can’t brag too much about the building yet, and since we’re only bidding on the project, I’ll have to wait before I say too much more about it!


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Great idea from Construction Protection Systems

Managing a buildout or remodel in an occupied space can be a big enough headache, but trying to keep contractors from destrying common areas during the process can become a full-time job, and as a maintenance professional, you’ve already got PMs that need to be done, service requests, and other tasks on your schedule.
One great item I just found mentioned in Total Facility Manager as their product of the month is the 123 Door Shield from Construction Protection Systems llc.

the 123 Door Shield protects doors from dings and scratches during remodeling and interior buildouts.

the 123 Door Shield protects doors from dings and scratches during remodeling and interior buildouts.

The 123 Door Shield can be re-used, stacks flat, and can be recycled if you decide you don’t need it any more. No actual adhesive touches the door, as the pre-fab construction simply slips over the door. Calbrated perforations for door handles and door hardware make it easy to accomodate different locations for handles and locks.

Manufactured in Colorado, the 123 Door shield comes in packs of 5, and can be pruchased through local distributors of doors and door hardware. Click on the picture above for more information.

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