Mastering the Art of Facilities Maintenance

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Painting equipment and piping

A sure sign that a building engineer or maintenance tech is taking care of his or her facility is that the mechanical rooms are painted. Floor coatings can provide non-slip qualities to a boiler room floor, and color coded paint schemes on piping can make it easier to trace system piping when opening or closing valves, or troubleshooting.

Various color schemes can be used, The US Navy has a color scheme used on Naval Vessels, and OSHA has standards for piping colors. Sherwin Williams has a great website designed to help sort out safety markings.

In addition to keeping a boiler room looking clean, well-maintained, and safely marked- the actual process of painting equipment can be an exercise in learning about your equipment as well. Shutting down to paint moving parts while practicing lock-out procedures can be a good “dry run” so that you remember how to do it when you really need to, and painting in a boiler room puts you close to equipment for hours at a time- where you get that “sixth-sense” that something isn’t right when a piece of equipment begins to break down. Perhaps the bearing assembly in a pump you’ve been listening to for three days begins to overheat, and now the familiar 60hz hum you’ve been hearing is accompanied by a lower pitch- these are things you will only come to appreciate after you’ve spent some time in your plant.

So, talk to your building or property manager, and don’t go overboard- but commit to applying some safety markings in your building and start painting that piping soon!


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